Αριστέα Γκιοξάρη | Aristea Gioxari
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Science and Dietetics, University of Peloponnese

I am an Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Nutritional Science and Dietetics of the University of Peloponnese in Kalamata-Greece. My expertise is in investigating the effects of diet, mainly Mediterranean diet including its foods and food components, on health-related outcomes with emphasis on the clinical-laboratory profile, inflammation, oxidative stress, metabolic indices, and biomarkers related to chronic disease.


  • The impact of Mediterranean diet on obesity and non-communicable diseases
  • The effects of functional foods, natural products, and bioactive compounds on health and disease
  • The role of nutrients and non-nutrient microconstituents in inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Sustainable dietary patterns
  • Paediatric nutrition
  • AI and data-driven dietary interventions
  • Randomised, controlled clinical trials
  • Human bioavailability studies
  • Human postprandial studies
  • Nutritional interventions in experimental models


University of Peloponnese
2022 - present
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Science and Dietetics
Geniko Nosokomeio Thessalonikes Gennemata, Thessaloniki, GR
2018 - 2022
Clinical Dietician, Department of Clinical Nutrition
Marie Skłodowska-Curie (RISE) Program
2016 - 2018
Senior Researcher, Perspectum (Oxford, UK) & Randox (Crumlin, UK)
Harokopio University
2012 - 2021
Senior Researcher, Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Science
* this position concurrent with other listed roles.
Harokopio University
2006 - 2012
Ph.D., Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Science


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Papada E. , Aristea Gioxari , Amerikanou C. , Forbes A. , Tzavara C. , Smyrnioudis I. , Kaliora A. C.
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Aristea Gioxari , Andriana C. Kaliora , Foteini Marantidou , Demosthenes Panagiotakos